FTLComm - Winnipeg - July 7, 1999
The frantic final preparations for the coming of the Pan American Games can be seen everywhere with instant lawns being created, street curbing still underway in the downtown and a sense of building excitement. The world has visited Winnipeg before with this being the second times the Pan American Games have come to town but what will be the impression of this city this time around.

As a dedicated flatlander the concrete towers which are modest when compared with some other urban landscapes still look to me like canyons and in the image above we can see three banks leading the way. Toronto Dominion, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Royal Bank of Canada are the new sky line of Winnipeg.
The Toronto Dominion building is imposing and its bay windows give a nice touch breaking up the bland monotiny of modern building design. A far more interesting building is seen above right which is getting a face lifting. Below we see the design of another era and Winnipeg seems to do this well, mix the old with the new in a harmonious manner.