The Forks Once More

FTLComm - Winnipeg
July 7, 1999

No visit to Winnipeg is really complete without an afternoon spent ambling around the Forks. Mostly soaking up the atmosphere but perhaps a few calories, in some parts of the food areas I am certain the air itself might be fattening.

The exotic food outlets both retail and eating places make this one of the most interesting locations in the city and set Winnipeg apart from other North American cities. There are time that you have a similar feeling about the Grandville Mall in Vancouver but this place is far more

to both the tourist and the development of a special atmosphere that seems far more international. The shops on the second floor of the main mall building let you move instantly from India to China or a North American aboriginal art gallery to a toy store. We come to the Forks on every visit to the city and enjoy the quality of the experience. We rarely buy much
but rather tend to just feel our way around the place and gather a sense of what it and the community that revolves around this special place.

The area around the forks is in turmoil right now with preparations for the games. Eight stucco plasters working on one building eighteen labourers laying lawns in another and painters and carpenters dashing about in all directions. The major focus of the Pan American games will be around the Forks with its new baseball stadium and marvellous new band shell.

It is to be hoped that all the grandness of the games do not somehow infringe on the classy nature of Winnipeg's Forks.