Cheap Movies

FTLComm - Winnipeg
July 11, 1999

One of these is located on the North side of Winnipeg and this one is on the extreme South side.

When a movie is first released it makes the rounds in the first run theatres which charge from $10 to $7 for admission. As the movie ages it eventually is released as a video rental. This theatre

shows movies in between first release and their release on video and does so at remarkably low admission prices.

Before six o'clock each day the admission is $1.75 and then it is $2.25 until the price goes up to $3.00 after eleven. We showed our frugal nature by taking in "Shakespeare In Love," "Never Been Kissed," and "Pushing Tin" this past week.

With eight movies to choose from and always a couple cartoon full features this is the best entertainment bargain in Winnipeg but there is a catch. I was surprised to see a sign at the ticket booth that said that people under fifteen could not be admitted without being accompanied by an adult. Certainly we can see the idea behind this rule but at the same time it means that if you are fourteen you are not a person and when I think about that it disturbed me having spent so much of my life as a teacher of middle years people whom I consider among the most alter and formative minds among us all. Seems wrong to me. My fellows tell me that this is because of the rating procedures but that still seems wrong to me.