-----Street Lights With Style

FTLComm - Winnipeg - July 6, 1999
The only time we pay attention to street lights is to see what colour they are, right! But every so often we come across some thing just a little more interesting. For those of you who have never driven around Winnipeg there are some surprises waiting for you as you will see in Winnipeg street light combinations I have never seen anywhere else. The quirky combinations seem a part of a prairie city that is half a step out of sync with the rest of the world. On several intersections Winnipeg street light planners have included red lights in combination with a green arrow. No one I know has been able to explain this apparent contradiction but the reaction to this conflicting signal is to step on the gas peddle.

This picture was taken yesterday a few blocks from the Manitoba legislature building just South of Portage avenue in the centre of the downtown area and I was impressed with the street light holders. This impressive attempt to make the utilitarian street lights and signal lights look more pleasing and I like the look.