Roof Hockey

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, August 19, 2001

It is embarrassing to see young trees and even a sow thistle growing from the eves on our house. Our problem was not that we didn't think it was important but we lacked a ladder to get up there and sort things out.

Last year the chore was accomplished with a step ladder atop a rickety stand, it was okay getting up but a nightmare getting down. So

with fall approaching and the eves only having to have done their duty a few times this year it was time to get a ladder.

With the new ladder in place I scampered up to do the deed. Fortunately, a son had left a nice hockey stick at home and I had the ideal tool to dig out the dried leaf mold and tiny saplings.

With the big stuff out of the way the garden hose switched the remainder down the pipe. What we had been putting off all summer was finished in half an hour and this time dismounting the roof was not accompanied by morbid thoughts.