----Dressed To Kill

November 30, 1999

The material you see in Ensign is almost always original but occasionally something comes along that just has to be shared. This series of pictures came to me by E-mail this morning from Corey Deitz in Regina and in turn he received it from someone else and so on. . .

But the pictures are so remarkable that I felt you would enjoy seeing them as much as I did. No doubt a person could over analysis images like these, but without a doubt, the human male propensity to look is neither intellectual or strictly biological, instead it is part of the ancient make up of our species. Were it not so then the subject of the looks would
not spend so much time
and effort on appearance.

These cleverly done images illustration the dire consequences of distraction at a critical moment. Fortunately, these are more closely related to fantasy then reality, but the power of these images is startling. In the world of Islam this concept is carried to the extreme where it is thought that males must be protected from their attraction to stunning people. I think they have missed the point and a lot more, because a lot can be said for simple appreciation. Here the element of morbid humour is chilling. Never the less, I thought you might like to see these. Your comments are welcome.