Bleak December

FTLComm - Tisdale
December 27, 1999

The picture on the right is of Main Street Tisdale at about 10:15 this morning. Most businesses are open but there are few if any shoppers. Only the Bank of Montreal is going to function today and of the service stations the Co-op and ESSO are only selling gas their service departments are closed. The Shell is open and doing

service work.

This picture is quite revealing not only about the amount of business but more about the weather. The unusually warm temperatures continue with this morning only being -2 and as you can see most of the small amount of snow we had has either departed or turned to dirty ice. Though we had anticipates some percipitation from those dull gray skies the wind is from the South West not the South East so it would seem that there will be little in the way of fresh white stuff to cover up the ground.

It would appear that the contractor clearing away the remains of TUCs will be able to remove the last of the rubble today as it is being buried at the town landfill site.