About Tisdale Saturday Afternoon

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 22, 1998

Here is a collection of some random stories we have followed in the past and some new things to check out.
As you can see on the right and below the two Pool elevators that were the Tisdale skyline have disappeared into rubble and been taken away. The view below is the real situation Saturday as it compares with the image shown in the Ensign article Symbols Of A Vanishing Era published on October 22. Then on November 11 we looked at the scene in the article After the Fall.

Work is progressing nicely on the construction of a new SaskPower substation as we can see below two fellows up a pole in the rain Saturday afternoon.
Workbegan in the summer on the Subway outlet but it did not open until this week. This new fast food outlet has its new trained staff in place and there are line ups at meal time. Subway in Tisdale and Melfort are part of a two outlet franchise with the Melfort outlet being open early in the summer. The menu includes a series of low fat high protein entrees so for those of us who have to watch our diet this alternative is welcomed.

This brings to a total of three fast food outlets in the community, Hanigan's known for its outstanding hamburgers and economical ice-cream, and Chicken Delight with the best Fried Chicken in town.

Saturday was moving day (below) as Touch of Class hair dressing salon moved into its new building across the street from SGI.