Tisdale's Royal Bank Branch
Wins Public Service Award

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 5, 1999

All of us at one time or another have to do business at one of Tisdale's four Banks and we have come to expect the sort of friendly and helpful service that the staff of each provide. FTLComm is not a regular customer of the Credit Union or the Bank of Montreal but in both cases we receive the same friendly and helpful assistance at them as we do at the Scotia and Royal. The Royal Bank keeps tabs on its branches and discovered that the staff of the Tisdale Branch are the best in the West and have awarded the Tisdale Branch for their outstanding achievement and superior stafff. All of their customers know that, and it is good for the Bank to recognise the outstanding service their Tisdale staff perform. Congratulations to the staff of the Royal.

If you were into the Royal branch on New Year's Eve you would have seen the staff all working the counter, there was no need to wait inline at a wicket as the whole staff pitched in around the counter, where ever someone could work and handled the steady flow of customers.

The move by the major banks to cut back on customer service and move toward telephone and automated systems is not finding favour with the customer. People have found the new services helpful but dealing with a knowledgable service representative is much better and more reliable then tackling financial transactions on the phone or over the internet. Montreal, Royal and the Credit Union have not reduced their customer service staff and in all three you will never wait more then one person in line. However, Scotia has reorganised their counters reducing their customer service to two stations with only one of those with someone working, often leading to line ups to the door and it is not unusual to wait ten to fifteen minutes for a transaction. Scotia's people are capable but there is only so much two people can do. For quick service, the Credit Union is well out in front of the competition in Tisdale with five or more people handling customers in their spacious surroundings.