A Sun's Coming and Going

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, April 4, 2002

We earthlings have our very own star, it is a modest star as stars go but it keeps us warm and gives us weather to complain about and lights up our world each morning and gives us the blessing of darkness each night. All in all its a pretty good little star, though I think it really deserves a better name than "Sol."

At the top of the page it peeked over the horizon

at thirty-three minutes after six this morning and within minutes he warmed up the little fluff of those clouds and they disappeared.

It had clouded over yesterday afternoon but at 7:30 last night it was ready to slip behind the Western horizon.

Low on the horizon it turned a bright read and flashed the red light on


A neighbour moved his snow machines out onto the frozen crusty snow to load them on his trailer as the red light glinted off the West facing windows.

Best of all it warmed up the tree that stands beside us waiting to once more fill our little sky with green leaves.