Gilded Sky

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 30, 2000

Tuesday late afternoon the sky remained overcast but was thin enough to end the day with a splash.

These two images show what it looked like looking West toward the setting sun.

The next image shows what it looked like looking East as the Sun was setting and the final picture shows the hoar frost on the trees with the purple glow showing through the trees in front of our house.

If you are counting tomorrow begins the last month of the century and of the past thousand years as we roll into December 2000.

We all celebrated the change of century and of the millennium last year but in reality and as mathematics go the year 2001 starts us into new numbers and leaves the twentieth century behind us. Our time will be reviewed by historians in the future and what will they say about us and what judgments will they make of our judgment and our exercise of free or implied will at this time in the course of human events. But if these pictures last they will be able to know what it was like, just but looking over the pages of Ensign, well at least our view of our little world and that will be a sample of this era.