----Sky Stories
FTLComm - Tisdale - September 6, 2000
At six this morning the sky was just beginning to cloud over with very dark formations in the West and of course this lead to the light rain that began to fall around eight. The surprise was that with this little disturbance there was some thunder and indeed SaskPower lost control of the situation for about ten minutes this morning and I had to deal with a cranky computer as a result.

Modern operating systems do not like untimely shutdowns, in order to keep themselves on track they maintain a complex database in the background which records where everything is and what you were doing last. A power failure messes up the database and they require up to eight minutes to sort out things and get themselves back up and running.
That's the great thing about the sky, there is rarely a power failure, things just keep right on moving along and no matter what we do the sky is completely unpreturbed. This sequence of pictures shown here are in order and were taken as the sun got ready to leave us Tuesday evening.
It is remarkable to note that in the immediate area around Tisdale only a few crops of canola remain in the field and the rest of this year's harvest is over, there are even fields that have been worked up to prepare for next year and East of town there was a farmer out with a sprayer doing some final weed management after the crop had been removed.
All of these pictures are seen as the camera recorded them so that the lusterous colours are those that painted last night's sky.
In the next field to the farmer spraying his harvested field this gentle herd of bison bask in the dying light of the day .
Now the sun has set leaving only the clouds behind. In the picture below the amber sky peaks down a street as people enjoy the warm evening strolling and this couple bicycling along. (The street scene here has been enhanced so that you can see the people)