--Smoking Red
FTLComm - Tisdale - August 11, 2000

The prairie and forest fires through the American West have sent a lot of smoke into the upper atmosphere and last night as the sun was getting ready to go to bed we had a spectacular red glow for both the setting sun and the rising moon.

The picture at the top of the page was taken a few minutes after to the one on the right and was from the East side of town.

The picture on the right shows some virga trailing below the cloud formation suggesting the possibility of rain and indeed this morning we had a shower and a couple of bangs on the drum.

The picture above shows McKay tower with the red sun looming over it and in the foreground the Tisdale Golf Course.

I was surprised to discover the course was covered as golfers were out enjoying the beautiful evening after what had been a very hot day.

The Tisdale course appears to be in splendid shape with the greens looking their very best. We stopped to watch some putting on another green as three ladies dispatched their balls.
The picture above and below depicit the sun's final descent from view for the day across a Canola crop just North West of town as Tisdale Alfalfa trucks were picking up mowed alfalfa from the fields between us and town.