Tribute To A Day

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, August 31, 2001

So often a sunset seems like a sort of send off for the day a way of summing up the parts and giving that day its final salute.

The first picture shows the setting sun from Silvertown speedway and this second picture shows a driver taking his family for a couple of laps around the track in a car he is testing.

Below Tisdale Dehydration puffs away in the setting sun.

John Dunne a very old English poet says "Day is done and darkness falls on the wings of night." In these last two pictures one has the feeling that you can actually see the wings of night approaching.

All of these images are seen in sequence over a span of twenty minutes or so.

Clearly a tribute to the second last day of the month of August. With harvest all but done and trees showing colour, the kids back in school, its time for a change of season.