Small Town Resourcefulness

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, December 27, 2001

So it was that a car from Winnipeg enroute to Tisdale broke down at the sign South of Archerwill at 10:00PM Christmas Eve. A car was sent to pick up the occupants and the car left in Archerwill for Christmas Day. On boxing day it was discovered that no repairs could be made there until Monday and the car's owner needed to be back in Winnipeg to work.

So Boxing day afternoon we mounted this little towing expedition and in a little over two hours we were back in Tisdale and the disabled Mazda parked at Randall's Auto repair.

The folks at Randall's had the car looked over at 9:30 this morning and were on the phone trying to obtain the missing belt pulley that had come off the car. This mechanism is not a common part and even though the Mazda shares this part with Ford vehicles one pulley was found in Edmonton but was not available immediately and another part was found in Toronto which would mean delivery, perhaps Tuesday.

Having coffee at Randall's was a machinist from McEwen's and had already looked over the piece.

The car and its newly manufactured pulley will be ready to go by 4:00 this afternoon