Tisdale March 2, 2000

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 2, 2000
Signs of winter have vanished from the down town central business district as we look North at about 9:30 this morning. As you can see the street is filled with traffic and parked cars as this seems like a busy morning. The news this morning of the death of Sandra Schmurler seemed to affect everyone. This young woman from Biggar had raised us all a notch upward and be you interested in curling or not she had made us all smile and be proud to come from Saskatchewan and know that there are people of her capability and character that show the world how to win graciously and how to be a composed and dignified individual.

You know that almost everyone spent some time in front of their television as Sandra and her team won three Canadian Championships, three world championships and the gold medal at the Olympics. And all through that we could hear her voice on the lapel microphone offering encouragement, praising, calming and leading her team through extra ordinary tense times. That voice and those messages will stick with us, when we are faced with a tough time we can hear her cool and know that she could and we can. An example for us all and a loss felt by everyone in this country this morning.

Hockey is not over for this year, not by a long shot, the Ramblers are about to begin their final series for the league championships and the Trojans will soon be on their way to provincial championship in their league.

Grain trucks are moving last year's crop through town this morning as they do every day and the little money that will come from Ottawa to assist farmers was almost immedately noticed as farmers recognised that they could pay a few bills and make some careful purchases.

People are planting their bedding plants in little window planters, the Anglican church celebrated the dedication of their new Priest this past Monday night, the kids are back to school this week and all seems right with the world.