The Look of Night

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Back in March of this year Ensign published some pictures of Tisdale taken at night. Last night right around ten these images were created as we look at the Seven 11 which seems to be a thriving hub of activity twenty-four hours a day.

This picture shows Chicken Delight and beyond it the Subway with both of their signs over powering the CCD on the digital camera (Epson 650)
This picture shows the cenotaph park with a few folk strolling along and the red glow from the sodium lighting.

With the ownership of the Tisdale Hotel there has been a good deal of promotion to revive this business and its competition the BeeHive Hotel. Unfortunately Shooters in the Tisdale Mall is a fatal causalty and has closed its doors with its properties to be sold off by its receiver in auction shortly.

The picture below sees a couple of window shoppers looking over the products of Martin's which last winter began carrying a line of upscale furniture and shows these products off well in its store.
This last image is on our street, 95th, looking South at the moon hazed over by high over cast and below and to the right the red planet (Mars) sits out their millions of miles away in space.