A View From The South

FTLComm - Tisdale
August 3, 1999

For those of us who live here we get somewhat accustomed to our surroundings and do not sometimes appreciate the impressive expanse of the countryside.

On Monday afternoon I drove East and then South a few miles from the town site to look over the farm fields and I was able to see some outstanding barley crops and a great stand of oats besides the usual Canola, flax and

wheat that are so common place. The crops I saw were exceptional and the pleasant afternoon light distracted me from the crops to the general ambiance of the place. I stopped by a pleasant farm yard filled with a great flower garden and decided that I should share the scene with you, especially if you are one of the many people who read Ensign but do not live here.

I fired off a QuickTime Vr of the scene which shows the yard and fields and sky, a pretty but typical Saskatchewan rural scene. I had limited numbers of pictures so I did not overlap as much as usual and you will notice the variations in exposure as you turn around into and by the sun.
This farm is located about five miles East and four miles South. From there I drove toward the town site and because I had used up the images in the digital camera I switched over to the video camera.

A few miles West and I came upon another interesting farm yard. This one had a fabulous display of flowers and an old trunk used as a flower basket. As I took my picture the security guard jogged down the lane to see what I was up to. Once again he was successful in defending his yard and once again he had earned his keep for another day.
With Tisdale in sight and the telephoto lens of the video camera perspective is somewhat compressed and in this unique image Louis Dreyfus and the Tisdale Dehydration plant appear to be side by side. This is only a 90 degree panorama but since it used the large images from the video camera the download time is a bit longer. The image has Louis Dreyfus on the extreme left and pans around so that McKay tower apartment building is on the extreme right. The rippled curvature of the image in the foreground is caused by the nature of the telephoto lens and the software thinking it is a wide angle lens