Launched by Faster Than Light Communications on May 25, 1998, the North Central Internet News (NCIN or Ensign ) is intended to provide Internet users from the North Central area of Saskatchewan with a unique news and public interest outlet. The site contains articles on a weekly basis with a strong emphasis on pictures.
The need for content was identified in 1996 when we first began putting photo essays on a site and this lead to the realisation that we should be involved in providing documentation and awareness of our world so that we can see ourselves on the Internet and so that others can appreciate what this part of North America is like.
  Ensign welcomes contributions, just send us e-mail ( or call us at 306 873 2004.
Be sure to bookmark the site and be sure to tell your friends and neighbours about it, but we would like to hear from you as well. Send us your impressions and any ideas you might have about using this site. Many articles will over time be controversial, or you might disagree with views expressed, we will make room and publish as many comments, or replies as we can since we cherish the right of speech in this land and expect you the visitor to respect that concept as well.
The Pictures          
This site is intended to do what a paper publication can not do so we will endeavour to have pictures taken the day the article is created for the site.
  The site itself and the pages are created using a Macintosh Mini.
Many editorials are illustrated with combination graphics that include photographic and painted elements, in all cases these are the work of Timothy W. Shire unless otherwise indicated.
We welcome any inquiries about the techniques used in Ensign or problems you might have accessing anything you find on the site.
All pictures and text are the property of Faster Than Light Communications and may not be used without written permission. However, all pictures and materials found on this site may be borrowed and utilised by students in school for educational use, we only ask that credit be given for the use of the material.
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You are welcome to visit our small home web site where you will find information about the company.

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