----Need A Home
FTLComm - Tisdale - September 2, 2000
Thursday afternoon I met this pair of young ladies as they were walking along with two puppies. The puppies are eight to nine weeks old and have been weaned so it is time to find them a home. The owner of these dogs will "give" them away to someone who will give them a good home. They are part black labrador and part rotwiller which is an interesting combination. One of these dogs could guard your home and retrieve and intruder without harm, cool concept.

I asked the two young women about their first day at school and they showed the normal limited positive response that is expected of a teenager. Both have just entered grade nine and for all of us we remember the confusion of being in grade nine. For girls it is the frustration of having to deal with immature adolescent boys and for boys grade nine is the time when you voice doesn't fit, your feet are to big and at best you can expect to trip over at least one thing per hour even if you remain seated.

If you would like to adopt a part Lab, part Rotwiller puppy call 873 3189 there's a good chance you will be in luck. These dogs will make outstanding pets albiet just a bit on the big side.(note the size of the dainty feet)