Portage la Prairie
St. Bernard

FTLComm - Portage la Prairie - July 13, 1999

My guess is that its just a matter of extreme tolerance. This fellow occupies most of the area in front of the counter at a service station in Portage la Prairie. As with all St. Bernards he is on the big side. Customers come and go, step over and around this massive living carpet and he pays no attention. In order to get his picture I woke him up with some words of encouragement and he slowly raised his head and opened his blood shot eyes. I told him to lay off on the drinking and his

owner agreed with me but said his sorry looking state is much more related to the hard living and tearing around that this guy takes in as his life style. The dog, passive and unperturbed let us make our remarks let me take my picture then slowly lowered his head, his eyes closed and once more he was oblivious to the world around him.