FTLComm - Prince Albert - June 5, 1999
I am sure it's happened to you, you catch a glimpse of something interesting but by the time you get your camera lined up the subject has changed. As we pulled up to a light in Prince Albert late Friday afternoon I spotted this pick up with two Rottweilers in the back. A young one and a senior, both excellent examples of their breed. However by the time the camera was in place the dogs who had been considering the traffic had both sad down anticipating the truck's accelleration from the light.

Rottweilers are an interesting breed of dog and I have included some web sites you might want to check out and find out more about these big black dogs with their legacy of loyalty.
Petstation a good history of the breed with a picture

American Rottweiler association.

Rottweiler standards, this page gives you all the information about the breed in terms of breeding standard and what judges use as their criteria.

Here is a page with links to various sites in Canada that are dedicated to the Rottweiler.