FTLComm - Tisdale - December 7, 1998  
In Shakespeare's Richard III the evil hunchback king is unseated in battle from his mount and as he is surrounded and about to be dispatched he shouts, "A horse, A horse, my kingdom for a horse." Richard's fate was sealed more by his own actions then by his horse running off. Indeed Richard begins the play by telling the audience that it was "The winter of my discontent."

Perhaps we too should be concerned about the winter of our discontent. Richard turned his unhappiness into mayhem and ultimately his own demise. Having come through a civil war he was eager to get into some more trouble. The question is, should we consider our discontent as justifiable and warranting action, or should we reflect on our good fortune and choose not to make a good thing worse. On the other hand, we might see our condition as not good fortune and decide we have nothing to lose. It might be better to check on Henry II to see if the "cause is just."
The horses in these pictures are pleasantly enjoying the closing of Sunday afternoon as they are not showing any signs of discontent and though there is a light snow cover, there are also only minor signs of winter.