FTLComm - Tisdale
June 5, 1999

Every youngster needs to be introduced into the world and this is your chance to meet "Moonbeam" Born very late at night a few weeks ago with the moon filling the stable with light gave this little horse his name. Despite his diminutive size he is still a horse in every way with his sincere interest in grass and tiny "loonie" sized hooves.

Moonbeam is one of two foals to join the growing herd of miniature horses at Susan Morgan's Wolf Creek farm. The other is expected to see the light of day (or night) within a few days.
Moonbeam is well within the limits of miniature horses judging his size at birth and rate of growth he is expected to be no taller then 29 inches when he is fully grown. His colourful and distinctive paint make him ideal as people purchasing miniature horses for pets prefer coloured horses like Moonbeam but breeders are more interested in the animals form and distinctive features that distinguish him as true to the established characteristics of horses. With this regard Moonbeam also is right on the money with his exceptional head and fine distinctive body.
  Wolf Creek Farm is in the process of building a new barn for the developing herd.

The first show of the season for Susan and her horses will be in Yorkton on July 6 when Susan will be on hand with three of her prized animals to show and be judged. Since Susan is breeding show stock it is important for her to present her animals to judges and buyers to get to know the quality of the horses Susan will be marketing