FTLComm - Tisdale - May 31, 2000
One of my first visits to Regina and Moose Jaw one summer revealed to me large flocks of what seemed to me as really astonishing birds. Each individual with their own special colouration and surprisingly unafraid of humans. I was enthralled with them but my parents and Aunt and Uncle scoffed at these supposed mundane creatures because they were "just pigeons". Not really wild life, not exotic peacocks, swans or majestic snorting Canada geese they were just pigeons.

It might be completely in keeping with my view of things to note at this point that I shared the same wonder of sparrows whom I still love with a passion and consider remarkable being yet they too are
valued less because they are

This idea has often depressed me that somehow I was to think of and value higher some birds more then others yet to me the sparrows and the friendly pigeon are among the most agreeable feathered friends. The pigeon is a wonderful flier does a fine job of cleaning up seeds and bits of material without a lot of noise and squawking Often the dinner or lunch for predatory birds like the Buteo hawks who are considered somehow superior beings just because they prey on other birds and little animals.

Pigeons seem to me far more like
us then other birds. Their individual colouring and often independent behaviour make them more understandable to we confused bipeds. I liked the look of this tan one that I spotted this morning and thought it would be nice to share our encounter with you. If you too share the view that it's "just a pigeon" that's fine. There is room in this world for elitism but if you went to Sunday School you will remember:

"God sees a little sparrow fall, it meets his tender view, if God so loves the little ones I know he loves me too."