FTLComm - Winnipeg - July 7, 1999
Like many urban centres the abundance of trees have turned Winnipeg into an urban forest and of course with that comes the forest dwellers. In many sections of the city there are significant squirrel populations and they add considerably to the living landscape of yards. This is a small version of one of the many visiting squirrels who drop in to check on what they might find useful. I was impressed with this guy's movement from one area to another. The television cable system with its substantial wires proves to be a direct route from back yard to back yard but with so many trees there are always alternate scenic routes.

While visiting the Forks yesterday we came across a bunny in an outdoor restaurant. This rabbit would have been a few weeks old and is a prairie bush rabbit wearing his summer brown outfit. Apparently these animals have adapted to living with humans and with the dogs on leashes they are breeding like, well, like rabbits and posing some problems to the gardeners in many of the city's parks