Symphony of Time

Regina, Wednesday, January 26, 2005 by: Tracy Kirsch

By taking note of all the details of my everyday life. It is surprising the great volumes of happenings that occur that I don't recognize anymore because they have become so ingrained within my routine of life.

Once I began paying close attention I found there was one very overwhelming and consistent group of sounds. These sounds were of clocks. Clocks of every shape and model, every kind of 'tick-tock' and chime. My life is ruled by time, both in the immediate sense as well as, the extended sense.

Like most people an alarm wakes me up, a clock chimes for supper, it ticks through the writing of an exam, it beeps on the watch on my arm, in my car, and on my phone. It ticks in the workplace, on the stove and even in the bathroom — is it really necessary to have a clock in the bathroom?-clocks are everywhere. We rush through life on a schedule of time and therefore most people feel trapped by time.

However, after taking the chance to look, watch, and listen closely I heard within all of the ticking, beeping and cuckoo's a stream of music which played my day. I recorded the host of clocks I hear everyday and composed them into a
“Symphony of Time”.

I feel this is an aesthetic moment — time is inescapable and you,
“can't stop the clock”, but how you listen can be changed. I now listen to the beauty of the musical rhythm, the texture, dynamics and intensity the clocks of my day compose and I enjoy it because instead of being ruled by it, I am connected to it.

The images of a cello — representing the symphony, and a musical score which the layers are being pulled back to reveal the source of the notes and the creation of the music — the wide array of clocks.

The pieces of the clock and these pieces represent the instruments of the symphony. These pieces are cold, sharp, and metallic yet when combined, create a unique symphony of their own.
Credits: Dawn Shire technical artistic assitance, sound editing, Matthew Shire


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