FTLComm - Winnipeg - May 11, 2000

Its interesting how technology changes the way we do things, often without us know that the change has occurred. I remember doing the very thing these shoppers are doing in 1976 only I was using a miniature hand held CB radio.

Were I to have had pictures like these in 1976 we would have been amazed at this phenomena, just as the store manager chuckled when he came along in the Imperial CO-OP store and heard me discussing with my wife what can of soup she wanted. Yet as we see these images now it seems like barely a
novelty because using a cell
phone to select get help when selecting groceries is as common place as discussing a business deal while waiting for a traffic light to change.

No wonder that cell phone manufacturers are introducing a whole range of head set features and hands free devices for your car. Speaking of which, not a bad idea. Though the radiation studies are as yet inconclusive there are a lot of suspicions about the frequent use of cell phones that emit so much microwave energy so close to your brain. Using a head set moves that antenna away from your nogen and besides being easier to use might be safer over the long term.

The other comforting aspect about these images is that a chore like shopping is important and complex having assistance to make decisions or jog your memory makes for good sense and marital harmony. It is also interesting to note that though we have one lady in these pictures, by far the majority of cell phone shoppers are men. But as we all know its a jungle out there. Shopping is become more and more difficult each and every day.

Yesterday I became downright angry with the Westfair food chain at their deceptive and downright bullying marketing/pricing practices. Nothing on the shelf has a price, everything is in multiples and so much for the first some many or only that price if you by these many. The whole process requires you carry not only your cell phone but I was wishing I had my computer with me. Safeway's "club" marketing strategy is just as blatantly offensive. Going to market to pick up provisions is not a cheery task and we all need all the help we can get.