Summer Employment Week

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Summer employment week got under way on Saturday with activities each day of the week. Tonight from five until seven student volunteers will be on a bottle drive, tomorrow afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 students will be playing free mini golf at the tourist booth and on Friday there will be an information table at the Tisdale Mall.

Erin Tarala says that this year the number of students seeking work is substantially higher than last year with about seventy five registered already.

Young people are seeking everything from odd jobs to baby sitting to full time work through the summer months.

Erin explained that while the number of people looking for work is up the numbers of jobs this year seems to be well below normal. She said that the prolonged long cold spring has delayed many of the typical early summer activities around the community and this is affecting employment.

It is so important to understand the role that summer jobs play in the lives of young people. It gives them an opportunity to explore the world of work and though we might think that this will happen to them soon enough, it really isn't the case. Every young person needs to find a reason to put those extra hours into their school work and having something to look forward to is ultra important in shaping a person's attitude toward the future. Summer jobs are perhaps the most important part of establishing the interests that will lead to a life long career. Every person needs to know what they like and more importantly what they do not like and during the summer working in a real job environment is the very best way to learn these lessons about oneself.

If you could use a student part time, for an odd job, or for full time work this summer you would be helping some young person out a whole lot. Give Erin Tarala a call at the Summer Employment Centre at 873 5757.