Summer Employment Centre: Putting the Work to the Worker

FTLComm - Tisdale
June 8, 1999

In three short weeks high school students will be finished with classes and looking for summer jobs. University students have the jump on the job market as they finish classes in April and most are already busy. But the high school students, many of whom will be going on to college are in need of both some money but more importantly

they are in need of some real  
work experience. One of the most important factors in selecting a career is based on the experience you have as a young person while still in high school. As a career counsellor I found that students are eager to find out about themselves but tend to focus on what they think they would like to do. What they really need is to find out what they really don't want to do. Without working in the real job setting a student is unaware of many of the side issues which often are the main event.

I graduated from high school thinking I should become a lawyer but during first year while hanging around a law office I discovered that the role I saw of the lawyer was a far cry from the real thing that mostly involved dealing with
estates, arranging mortgages

Kimberly Bax has the door open for students and employers to find just what each needs.

and divorce cases.

Besides listings of full or part time summer jobs the Summer Employment Centre also has listings of daily odd jobs that come up as needed. Prospective employers can call up the Centre (873 5757) and ask for someone and Kimberly has a listing of ready and willing workers for the task.

The Centre has excellent material to help students get themselves started and pointed in the right direction with resources to make the needed connections. Students from sixteen on can provide prospective employers with their
boundless energy and as a result of our society today, people with a surprising amount of skill and ability even as young people. What they lack is the experience that the job can provide them and when they work for you or your business you are making a direct investment in your community. Not only will the student spend his or her earnings here but he or she will attach to his or her life experience the basic concepts of what it is like to work in your environment, knowing what you need and what the world looks life from your perspective.

We are extremely fortunate in Tisdale that so many young people choose to either continue living and working here or return here from their studies. This positive affirmation of the quality of Tisdale and its people builds upon itself and is a positive legacy for everyone in the community. But to make this happen businesses of all kinds need to bring young people into their work place give them a job and help your community by finding meaningful experiences for its youth.
The Summer Employment Centre is located in the Civic Centre building at the South West entrance. You can reach the Centre by telephone at 873 5757 or fax 873 5700.

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