Moving, the North American way
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One day in a human geography class the professor giving the lecture on Saskatchewan communities and landscapes pointed out something that astonished the class. In the rest of the world things are built permanently and are also built to last permanently. The mobile home and moving buildings and sometimes whole communities around is a North American phenomena.

As a person who grew up in Saskatchewan there is nothing unusual about a house being moved, sometimes a barn, even elevators have been seen hustling off from one place to another. Since Canadians and Americans prefer to build with inexpensive and readily available light woods moving a building of almost any size is really just a matter of strategy and planning. We see it happen all of the time.

On Thursday early afternoon as we came through Watson this building which was obviously a store from somewhere was on the way to somewhere else as the moving crew were getting ready to negotiate the turn from a service road unto highway #6.

If you travel in other parts of the world you will discover that communities that for economic or other reasons died, they become ghost towns, the buildings remain as time takes its toll on all things but in Saskatchewan as communities are rendered obsolete for whatever reason the buildings will one by one move off to someplace else. In the area surrounding Tisdale there are a large number of communities which were once villages and today there is little to note that they ever existed.

Timothy W. Shire

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