Bike Safety Dramatically Improved

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 30, 2001
In the years past Tisdale drivers have had the difficult task of dodging cyclists as soon as the snow began disappearing as everyone, children and adults alike seemed to prefer the left side rather than the right to ride on and that is just dangerous.

This year things are very different with almost a full month of bike riding behind us and this is the first time that riding on the wrong side of the street has arisen. As it turned out this was definitely an exception, the older rider was shepherding the younger one as they made their way down mainstreet and once off the sidewalks they swung onto a side street and both headed down the right side.

This is a major change in the community and a positive one as bike riders are a valued commodity and no one wants to see them even frightened let alone injured. In general it looks like there has been some bike safety programming that has taken place because there seems to be more awareness and more care in general from the bike riders. Drivers all appreciate this more responsible attitude and now can concentrate on missing the scooters.

Scooters are really a difficult problem only because of the speed they can have, often travelling twice the speed of skateboards or roller bladers they can emerge into an intersection much faster than any other non-motorised conveyance so drivers are urged to pay very close attention for these speedy wonders.