Dragsters And Angels

Interior B.C. - Sunday, September 2, 2001 by: Mike Townsend
Last weekend I spent some time with some dragsters and Angels and took along the new camera. Lighting on the camera needs some work (auto settings just didn't seem to work) but here is the result anyway.

I tried to get lots of patches, Hells Angels from BC, Alta, and Sask. all competing against one another. They had really come to play this weekend. But it really was the bike show that was central to this weekend for me. And I was not disappointed!!

It was great to see what really can be done with a Harley. There were other bikes there but for me it is Harley Davidson all the way. But yeah those crotch rockets can move too, maybe even better sometimes.

But the 200 mph bikes were all Harleys and were, for the most part, put together by the different Angel teams. And could they go!!!! But there were different classes, from ones like mine all the way the to the 200 mph bikes.
I really enjoyed the trick team. Front wheelies, full 1/4 mile wheelies at over 107 mph, riding to the side, everything that the stunt guys did in the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie.