A Red Harley

FTLComm - Tisdale - August 24, 1999
I must admit to you that I have never successfully ridden a motorcycle by myself and can recall only once riding with someone else so my pictures of motorcycles come purely from my fascination with machinery and this remarkable means of transportation and perhaps lifestyle.

This bright red Harley Davidson appeared on the Street in Tisdale yesterday and after a visit to an office and refueling it was on its way. I somehow wonder if the rider is directing the machine or is he caught up in the romance and drama of the machine and it , this piece of motorised equipment, is just exercising its control over the rider.

The motorcycle and the
mystique around it have been the subject of many articles in Ensign over the past year and I can't help but wonder what it is that makes these odd things interesting. The idea of rumbling down the highway on two wheels that gyroscopically command their vertical momentum is in itself fascinating.

But there is more to it then that as you can see the machines themselves have a style that reflects some elements of its own subculture and world of its own. There is a specific level of rebellion in the whole idea of moving around on a mere two wheels, a kind of defiance that disregards safety, caution and common sense.

Note how this huge street bike has two chrome tubes emerging just behind the front wheel outward. These bars are intended to offer the rider a modest amount of protection in the event of an emergency lie down. When that idea settles in and you think of someone actually planning to slide along the road surface at highway speed it clearly indicates a different attitude about mortality and the riders concept of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
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