FTLComm - Tisdale - August 22,1999

Some time around three in the early hours of Sunday morning a nasty bit of wind got at the Coop's grain bin construction yard and toppled three new grain tanks. Two were on hoppers and the third was on a wood floor. All three are badly damaged and as you can see one has some addition ventalation.

Each year the Coop assembles bins for sale but
from the look of the field this year, it would appear that they are assembly far fewer then have been made up in years past with perhaps fewer then half of normal expected sales.
The contractor this year is using a portable crane for assembly as the bins are constructed from the top down starting with the roof then successive sections are added. This two man operation can produce rapid results but work depends on suitable weather and for them cool is better then warm when working with shinny metal parts.

All of Coop's stock is currently in the assembly yard with the exception of the very large grain tanks which will be assembled on site.

The stock is insured but it is not known if the damaged bins will be salvaged or sold as is, no doubt this will involve negotiations between the insurance company and Beeland Coop.