Number Eight and More

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, August 13, 2001

Chupa Excavation is nearly finished the removal of dirt for the planting of house number eight this year. This new house will go on the little sliver lot on Heritage Road and the lot beside it. The dwelling on the site had been removed a couple of weeks ago and now the small lot and the one that had had the dwelling are combined to form a nice site for a new home.

Around town a lot of work continues. Farber Construction is doing a remodeling job of the former "R" Place restaurant beside Wicks, while the curbing crew continues to work on Newmarket subdivision. The town crew are digging fill from the end of Newmarket and stock piling it in readiness to begin the process of filling in the soil contamination reclamation project they have been working on for the last two weeks across from the Town office. This new side walk is being constructed beside the Roman Catholic church and SaskPower is installing an underground line to the Golden Age Centre.