May rush

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It just seems that construction and renovation projects are taking place all over town. Rise Construction have to go into high gear as the first housing start of this year out on NewMarket will have its new owners moving in on July 7.

House number two on the old primary school playground area has its basement ready to receive a house from Carrigana that will be going on the market here in town.

House number three (above and right) will have its basement fully assembled by late today by Farber Construction. The owner of the house is living in temporary quarters ( camper trailer) and as soon as the project is ready her house will be moved from a farm yard in the Mistatim area.

Work has been proceeding steadily in renovations to McKay Tower as new windows are being installed. This is a major undertaking and the work is being carried out by a Saskatoon contractor.

Here is an interesting question, to which I do not know the answer. Do out of town contractors require a Tisdale business license to do work here in the town? One would hope they do, Faster Than Light Communications has seen its business license increase from $75 ten years ago to $95 last year and this year $125 that's a 60% increase, one would have thought that with the rate of inflation being less than 5% through those years this is a pretty hefty increase though well below the percentage increase in water costs.

Over at the 7/11 workers spent the day installing new facing on the breezeway over the gas pumps.

My neighbour across the street is getting a new garage for his motor home and Rise Construction put the base for the pad in place today ready to pour tomorrow.

Ken Styan passed on this information on the warehouse that was destroyed recently:

Just for your information , I thought I'd advise you that the "Old Warehouse " was for many years an automobile showroom . In the 50's & 60's the building was used by it's owner, Groat's Garage, to display both new & used cars for sale . If memory serves me right , it accommodated 10 - 12 cars along with a small office for the salesman. The second story was used to store bulky automobile parts , such as exhaust pipes , tail pipes , mufflers , etc.

Meanwhile work is wrapping up at the new Robin's Donuts outlet as it is getting ready to open soon.

Below is what downtown Tisdale looked like around 10:40 this morning and you will notice that gasoline has dropped from 110.9¢ per litre to 108.9¢ at all of Tisdale's retail gasoline outlets. Don't expect it to go below the dollar point as the price of crude began its upward journey once again today, just as the Canadian dollar finished trading today, just a few points below 91¢.



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