FTLComm - Nipawin - August 2, 2000
Nipawin is witnessing a mini construction boom as two financial institutions expand and rebuild. The Nipawin Credit Union has bought the neighbouring building and is in the process of doubling its size.

Scotia bank has their venerable and dignified building up for sale as they are in the process of constructing a new building immediately across the street from Nipawin's Royal Bank.

Nipawin had been suffering a bit of an economic decline during the past two years but judging by the traffic and
numbers of people on Main
Street Tuesday afternoon it looks like this community is making a come back.

The financial downturn in the town had occurred when the Met store closed and Westfair foods took over the building opening an Extra Foods store. Since this was the same food chain as Botterill store carried Botterills closed up their store. Their loyal customers from Cumberland House, Shoal Lake and Red Earth had relied upon being able to obtain credit at Botterills and with it closed there was little reason to stop in Nipawin and those customers simply by-passed Nipawin and went on to Prince Albert to do their shopping. This shift in marketing resulted in a drastic reduction in sales for all of Nipawin's retail community. At the same time the drastic reduction in spending by agricultural people has see Tobin Tractor, the John Deere dealer close its doors.

But tourist traffic remains solid and perhaps even growing as the low valued Canadian dollar continues to bring American tourists to Nipawin.

Nipawin's commercial pictures seems to be improving as we stood around the street Tuesday I talked to many folks from Red Earth and Cumberland House who in the recent past would have been seen shopping in Prince Albert