FTLComm - Tisdale - October 12, 1999

Work began this morning on yet another new house. This one located on the North East of Town. Dahl Enterprises are busy setting up the footings for this new dwelling and the water and sewer lines have already been installed.

With about a dozen houses in town for sale the market is very limited and someone seeking to locate in Tisdale would only have perhaps one choice for the type of house
and neighbourhood available
so it is no wonder that new homes are being built.

Farber Construction sensing this situation has set to work building a new home in the Newmarket Drive area and with this house underway and its basement complete that leaves only two lots available on the block and it will not be long until a housing start occurs in the new subdivision which is now ready for construction.

The Newmarket Drive area is now a showplace of new homes and most have elected to install elaborate brick
driveways making the block
really impressive. One of these new homes is now for sale, as well as this one under construction.

Earlier we reported this house (on the right) across from McKay towers as one of the late starts. This project is very interesting as the garage that was in the back yard was pulled down and a wood basement constructed. The original house remains in use as the owners will continue to live in their present house until the new one is ready to move into. At that time they will have the old house pulled down.

This arrangement means that
The water and sewer service to the old house must be maintained and an entirely new service installed for the new dwelling. This resulted in the Town setting to work this morning installing the new service as they have had to cut through the lot and into the street a long way to connect the sewer line with a manhole and tap into the water line. In the picture on the right the town workman is standing on the water line and is about to install that connection while the excavation still has a few more yards to proceed down the street to get the sewer line in place.

A unique procedure and for certain moving from the old house to the new will not require a moving van.