FTLComm - Tisdale
June 4, 1999

Chupa Trenching and Excavation is busy at work preparing the site for a new business in Tisdale. Situated on the West side of highway #35 just South of Park Motel will be a Truck wash. The preliminary work of clearing the trees and bringing in fill and gravel on which construction will take place.

This project is one of many underway or about to get underway in Tisdale this summer. This one and one other are directly related to growth in the trucking industry.

The Co-op has acquired the
land and put up its sign declaring the site home of its new truck fueling installation. This project will not be built until later this summer but will include fuel storage and cardlock pumps for truckers and other customers.

The truck wash will offer an alternative to the only other car wash in town which is Wicks on the North side of town. The carwash located downtown across from the post office was damaged by fire and is now closed.

But there are other construction projects underway. Three new basements for new homes have been made but the two
proposed condominiums advertised are both on hold until owners are found for the projects.

There is also a rumor of a new funeral home to be constructed directly opposite Wicks on the old trailer park property.

The bids are now in for the dismantling and removal of the old Tisdale Unit Composite high school. Two contracts are to be let, one for the knocking down of the building and removal of the debris and the other for backfilling and cleaning up the site after the removal of the building. The project is slated for the summer.