FTLComm - Tisdale - May 28, 2000
Friday and Saturday saw the beginnings of new house number three for this year. This one located a few blocks from the elementary school on the corner of 97th and 106th is a very nice large corner lot. The older small house that stood on it has been unoccupied for this past year and has been removed and the top soil and turf removed for the excavation of a new basement.

Though this may take place in other communities Tisdale has seen in the last three years a very large number of "redevelopment". Older houses are removed or torn down and replaced with new ones. This produces almost a constant renewal of the town and saves the owners money as well as the town in reducing the expense of developing new housing areas. Of the three new houses this year all are being building development neighbourhoods. Only the first one is being built on a lot that did not have a house on it before while the others are replacements.