FTLComm - Tisdale - June 30, 2000  
The installation of this new basement begins the construction of the second last house on the developed last block of NewMarket Drive. This new house will leave only one undeveloped lot on the block as Tisdale's newest neighbourhood nears completion.

There are two of these new homes on this block, which is now only a little over a year old up for sale as their owners have been transferred. Many of the home owners in this neighbourhood are involved in the rapid expansion of the terminal grain elevator business and it is undergoing considerable staff upheaval with the experienced people from Tisdale going to other terminals as the expansion proceeds throughout the province.

It is now only a matter of time until the first house goes into the newly developed subdivision that was created last year and stands ready to host more new buildings. The many homes built last summer and last fall mostly went into developed older portions of the town as older homes were removed and new ones placed in the central core of the community. The three homes under construction now are all within the developed part of town so that this one is the first this year to go into the new area.

Chupa Excavation is getting this one started right with the surface material removed the basement dug and the soil from the basement being removed from the site. Ensign will keep you posted on this and other new homes as they move through the phases of construction. House one is getting its siding today, three is still just past the basement stage and three is getting its roof installed.