FTLComm - Tisdale - August 6, 1999

Back on July 24 we brought you the story of this house that had moved to its front lawn for a while, as a new basement was constructed on the lot. Today between 9:00 and 10:00 AM it made its journey back from the lawn to hover above its basement.

The moving company had raised the house this morning and slipped in two large steel beams, then using rollers and a winch truck, the house was eased into place.

Though the house is now back where it belongs, the project is far from over, as it is now time for the
installation of the furnace and other services which will be located in the new basement, not to mention the installation of storage space, rumpus room and all that goes in a typical basement.
The key element of the process is being able to gradually and evenly raise and lower the entire house without stressing its structure. Both mechanical track jacks like the one above right and hydraulic jacks operated from a control box are used in this process. Workers have to move a lot of blocking around to provide them with lifting locations as the whole house must rise and settle all together.

The picture on the right shows the crew setting up the blocking in the new basement, while the image below shows the anxious family watching and video taping their house in its little summer trip.

One of the good things about installing a wood basement is that the studding is already for insulation, vapour barrier and drywalling. The cement floor has been left until the house is firmly in place. Next will come the installation of a stairway.