FTLComm - Tisdale - May 1, 2000
With energetic winds and dry conditions the threat of prairie fires is extremely high and with seeding in full swing some farmers continue to torch fields sending up palls of smoke. But, that wasn't the case Sunday afternoon. A CN train dropped some sparks a mile East of Valparaiso setting the ditch on fire right near a wood bridge. Tisdale's two trucks, emergency support vehicle and tanker were all on the scene and after about an hour had brought the fire under control as they left it to burn itself out in a small bluff of trees nearby.

But the volunteer fire department's work was far from over with the ending of a fire. The equipment has to be cleaned up and rigged for upcoming possible emergencies and in these pictures you can see hoses being cleaned, the trucks give a shower and the tanker refilled. The suds coming from the tanker are produced as it is refilled and bubbles from fire retardent foam in the tank overflows.
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