-------Spring Burning

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 20, 2000
No one recommends this practice, agronomists, experienced farmers and those who burn all agree that setting fire to trash cover is a waste and robs the soil of protection and the positive affects of the decomposing nutrients. But, these are tense economic times and every field must be put into production at the least cost. The result is expendiency wins out and either in the fall or spring the quickest and simplest way to deal with the trash cover is to burn it. This fire is what could be seen from highway 3 North of Tisdale Wednesday afternoon. A solid plume of white smoke. Since I had not seen any burning this spring it struck me that this might be an accident but when I got to the area it was clear that Mr. Rice was just cleaning up a field in prepartion for this year's planting.
Goose Gabble:
I took a wrong turn and ended up in someone's yard only to over hear these two conspirators plotting their heist. "I'll get the hopper open and you see if you can get the auger started. While they're watchin' the fire we can build up a nice little pile and invite the flock from the lagoon over for Easter dinner. Just flip on a switch if you can find one, grab the rope pull in your bill and give a quick pull. And, don't complain, I did the rope trick last time, its your turn."

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