---GT Mechanical Building Levelled

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 5, 2000
Below is how GT Mechanical looked February 13 of last year as Gerry cleared away some snow from the front of the shop. Above is how the building looks today after it was knocked down yesterday for removal. Much of the structure was made from concrete blocks and formed concrete so it will be hauled away to the landfill site later this week.

The building served as an automobile sales buisness and service station for much of its life and in the last year has been a welding shop until it burned down as a result of a preculiar arson which is now a court case involving two men who are accused of setting fire to a car inside the welding shop resulting in its destruction. The prime property, right in the centre of the town can not at this time be sold for future development because of the need to have it cleaned up. Fuel storage on the site in the past contaminated the land and new construction can not be carried out until the contaminated soil is removed.