FTLComm - Tisdale - August 10, 1999

Bruce Schpansky is looking for a big crowd and a big sale tomorrow as he holds one of the biggest auctions of the summer. Bruce said this morning that with the UGG Grand Opening today and the Grand Opening of the Tisdale Livestock Center he was expecting a lot of people into the yard today to look over things before the sale tomorrow.

The showers over the last few days have left the grounds a bit on the wet side and Bruce
has his crew out moving the stuff around to speed the drying process. Bruce pointed out that the harrows would dry most of the area up in as little as an hour or two even with this morning's low temperatures.

Weather for tomorrow Thursday and Friday is supposed to have continued shower activity. If the pattern holds the rain will bring the customers to the sale tomorrow and it is likely that the showers will hold off until late afternoon when the sale will have concluded.
This sale has a lot of cars and
trucks in it as well as the usual large amount of farm equipment and smaller products such as tools and parts of all kinds.

Schpansky Auctions hold about six of these big events during the year and they are earning the reputation as a great market place for used equipment and vehicles.