FTLComm - Tisdale - August 10, 1999
The Tisdale Auction Mart closed in April and its weekly livestock auctions have presented a problem for livestock sales ever since. Today is the Grand Opening of the Tisdale Livestock Center Jason Hankins and Chris Poley have renovated and brought this vital business back to life. The facilities required a lot of work and since late June work has been going on painting fixing and remodelling this facility to make it efficient and a place that will handle the day to day work expected.
This composite set of pictures reveals the layout of the sales ring as it has not only a great paint job but the whole area has a new look and smell that will make it a great facility for farmers and buyers alike. But one of the most important parts of a business like this one are the individuals involved. Both Jason Hankins and Chris Poley are not new to this kind of business and they will bring a fresh and direct approach to the operation.

The new office staff are ready to keep things in order and as you can see below preparations were in full swing when I visited this morning for today's grand open. At FTLComm we would like to wish the folks at the Tisdale Livestock Center the very best as this new business venture gets under way. They can be reached at 873 2651 and their fax is 873 5910.