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FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, December 6, 2002

This is the sort of store that you might find "Tool man Tim Allen" hanging out in because this is where you would find "more power." But is also a good place to do some Christmas shopping for the fellas in the family, little or mature.

Some toys at the front door and heavy industrial equipment and supplies designed for commercial use this extremely well stocked store is a treasure trove for the people who want to get their hands dirty.

As a computer geek I had only ventured into this domain once in the past six years. But today

I have to tell you I was impressed.

Car accessories, special tools for the mechanic who is serious about his stuff and details.

Chris Groat told me that Groat's supply is celebrating its 80th year in business in Tisdale. Coming from its beginnings as a Model "T" repair shop to a Ford dealership, then a General Motors dealership then as an American Motors dealer before it began concentrating exclusively on parts and industrial supplies.

Running a two page

spread in this week's paper with over 100 items on sale looks like a place to shop for the guy who spends his time in the shop.

In another life I painted cars, tractors and that sort of thing so this display of automotive paint really caught my eye, a spray gun at regular price for $112 and all that delicious paint at about half the price of regular automotive paint. So maybe there's a car in the yard that somebody wants to spiff up, well here's where to get the spiff.

Timothy W. Shire



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