Business changes in Tisdale
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Though you may think of Shamrock Auto Recycling as a new business it actually became operational in October of 2001 almost seven years ago. During its life the company disassembled and marketed car parts here in the Tisdale area and elsewhere. Late spring its owners decided to shut the operation down and the yard was cleared of inventory as the cars and vehicles were crushed for the steel mill.

Some of the company's assets, its tow trucks, have been acquired by Tisdale Auto Body and Glass and they are assembling a secure storage area for vehicles on the property just east of the former Shamrock business. (below)

The Shamrock building and yard is believed to have been taken over by John Bob Farm Equipment the business operating immediately to the west of the Shamrock site.

It is hard to know if our business community in Tisdale is showing signs of retraction or just re-organisation. There are a few businesses for sale and a few empty store fronts both downtown and in the Mall. One major sell out is the end of the SAAN store which is in its final stages of selling off its stock before it closes down. While we see bsuiness changes the real impact of economic realities have just not taken hold.

The best crop in five years is out there in the fields this year and with the price of commodities holding and expected to hold into the fall and beyond the agricultural community is likely to be spending more this coming year and at the same time the price of fuel has seriously affected the idea of going to the city to shop. People are still not fully adjusted to the high fuel prices and we are pretty much aware that these high levels are the base from which prices will rise not a peak from which they will go down. Therefore it just makes sense that people are going to have to more and more meet their consumer needs right here at home.

Even in the restaurant business we have seen two downtown restaurants close but those in operation are doing more business than ever before. Last Thursday night my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary and went out to dinner, foolishly without a reservation, but it was only a Thursday night. No luck we drove over to Melfort because things were full here in Tisdale. Surprise surprise, we were headed for Little Venice and discovered to our amazement that the building is no longer there.

If you have any thoughts on this topic or would like to make some observations let us know what you think.

Timothy W. Shire

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